Deerwood Fasteners International is the leading supplier of High Quality Fasteners manufactured exclusively for woodworking applications. We service our nationwide customer base from our headquarters in Conover, NC as well as regional warehouses in Texas, California and Mexico.
Our products include Hinge and Hardware Screws in a variety of finishes, Zip Drivers (Self-Drilling, Self-Countersinking Assembly Screws), Painted Head Cabinet Installation Screws, Decking Screws, Concrete Screws, Face Frame Screws, Drawer Front Adjuster Screws and much, much more.

Service Lumber has been a stocking distributor of Deerwood for over 20 years and maintains a varied stock for all of your woodworking needs.


Wood Screws:

  • Zip Driver Flat Head Deep Thread Screws With Nibs &Type-17 Point-Robertson® Square Recess

Deerwood Screws Pic 1.jpg

Our Square Drive Zip Drivers combine the Type-17 self-drilling point that pre-drills itself with the original Robertson® Square Drive Recess for optimum performance. We then added the nibs under the head to help make this a true "One-Step" fastener. Simply put one on the driver bit and watch it pre-drill and self-countersink itself in most all types of wood.


  • Zip Driver Flat Head Deep Thread Screws With Nibs & Type-17 Point- Phillips Recess

Deerwood Screws Pic 2.jpg

We have combined all of our most popular features into one product and it is quickly becoming the fastener of choice. We started with an Extra Deep Phillips Recess, then we added self-countersinking nibs under the head that carve away the material. Next we added a Type-17 self-drilling point to our popular deep thread design that practically eliminates splitting and bursting in most species of wood and man-made materials.


  • Zip Driver  Flat Head Deep Thread Screws With Nibs & Type-17 Point - Recex®

Deerwood Screws Pic 3.jpg

It doesn't get any better than this! This is our most popular new product. We have taken the Recex® Square-Phillips Combination Recess and combined it with our popular Zip Driver product line. The dependable Type-17 point pre-drills the wood while the nibs underneath the head allow the fastener to self-countersink itself into all types of soft and hardwoods. The patented Recex® Square-Phillips Combo Recess insures you always have the correct driver bit to install or adjust your finished wood working project.


Face Frame / Pocket Screws:

  • Face Frame Screw – Pan Head/Square Recess – Fine/Type-17

Deerwood Screws Pic 4.jpg

Specially designed for face frame applications, these square recess drive screws insure “slip-proof” driving – no camouts.


Trim Screws:

  • Trim Head Square Fine Thread

Deerwood Screws Pic 5.jpg
Trim Head Screws-Fine Thread-Robertson® Square Recess Full Tread-Sharp Point
Trim Heads are specially designed for applications in which the head of the screw needs to be as small as possible. Trim Heads resemble finishing nails in both appearance and function. The head of a #4 screw is used on a #6 screw, permitting the screw to countersink itself just like a finishing nail. The small head size allows it to be used to discreetly attach mouldings and trim to millwork, cabinetry and crafts. Our versatile thread design holds well in wood and also works well in light gauge steel studs. Trim Heads are available only in square (Robertson®) drive to insure optimum drivability and eliminate driver bit camout.